Singapore, 25 May 2010 – TV buffs can look forward to a complimentary widespread of programmes from StarHub TV that will be made available this June school holidays! All households with an active StarHub cable point, regardless of whether they subscribe to StarHub TV, will enjoy 17 days of free content selected from 17 StarHub TV channels on Preview Channel (StarHub TV Channel 101).

 One channel will be made available each day on StarHub’s Preview Channel starting 28 May (0600 hours). A total of 17 channels will be showcased over the span of this free preview which ends on 13 June. The channels, carefully selected to cater to all different age groups in each family, range from National Geographic Channel and The Style Network for the adults to Playhouse Disney and Cartoon Network for the little ones.

 “We are pleased to offer this free preview to our viewers once again this year. More channels are offered this time, and the window period for this free preview is spanned over 17 days. In light of the June holidays, we have chosen specific channels for all households to sample so that parents will be able to spend time bonding with their children while enjoying quality programmes on StarHub TV. Of course, not forgetting viewers who are interested to find out what other programming we offer on our platform, we have picked some popular channels for their enjoyment. In short, there is something for everyone to enjoy this June holidays period,” said Ms Ong Bee Lian, StarHub’s Vice President of Home Solutions.

 Viewers can look forward to catching programmes such as the much talked-about series, Maid Sama on Animax, UP on Disney Channel, the Avatar Marathon Special on Nickelodeon, River Monsters on Discovery and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC Lifestyle.

 Viewers can refer to our website at for a detailed programme schedule of the free preview. Existing subscribers of StarHub TV can enjoy the Preview Channel on StarHub TV Ch 101, while non-subscribers can tune their TV sets manually to UHF 527.25MHz. The manual tuning-in procedures will vary according to different TV set models, and viewers are advised to refer to their TV operating manuals for specific tuning instructions.

 The generic tuning-in procedures are:

-          Select an unused channel on the TV unit.

-          Press the TUNING button on the TV remote control or at the front panel of the TV unit, commonly labeled as [PRESET], [INSTALL], [SET], [P/C] or [MENU>TUNE>MANUAL]. If the TV unit does not have any of these buttons, please refer to the TV manual.

-          Start tuning by pressing or selecting the VOLUME +/- button or the CHANNEL UP/DOWN button on the TV remote control until the Free Preview channel appears on the screen.

-          Next, press the STORE or MEM button on the TV remote control to store the tuning.

-          Press the MENU or PRSET button to end or exit the tuning procedure.

 Viewers can call the technical service hotline at 6873 2828 should they need any technical clarifications.

 StarHub TV Basic Groups subscribers who wish to upgrade to the Basic Upsize Groups will be able to enjoy 50 percent off the first three months of their Basic Upsize Groups’ subscription fee if they sign up by 30 June 2010. Customers who subscribe now will be able to enjoy up to 18 more channels from as little as $2.68 per month. Existing customers who wish to upgrade to the Basic Upsize Groups can SMS UPSIZE <space> NRIC to 78008 or call 1630. The public who wish to take on a StarHub TV package as well as existing StarHub TV subscribers who wish to add new Basic Groups to their subscription can call 1630. They can also visit for more information.



The channels made available during the free preview are as follows:

28 May – Asian Food Channel (StarHub TV Ch 435)

29 May – STAR World (StarHub TV Ch 501)

30 May – Discovery Channel (StarHub TV Ch 422)

31 May – Cartoon Network (StarHub TV Ch 316)

1 June – BBC Lifestyle (StarHub TV Ch 432)

2 June – JimJam (StarHub TV Ch 301)

3 June – The Style Network (StarHub TV Ch 442)

4 June – Disney Channel (StarHub TV Ch 312)

5 June – National Geographic Channel (StarHub TV Ch 411)

6 June – Animax (StarHub TV Ch 532)

7 June – Playhouse Disney (StarHub TV Ch 311)

8 June – HISTORY (StarHub TV Ch 401)

9 June – CBeebies (StarHub TV Ch 303)

10 June – The Biography Channel (StarHub TV Ch 404)

11 June – Nickelodeon (StarHub TV Ch 314)

12 June – BBC Knowledge (StarHub TV Ch 407)

13 June – Discovery Turbo (StarHub TV Ch 426)