Singapore, 30 April 2020 – Standing in unity with Singapore to overcome COVID-19, StarHub is responding to new identified and urgent areas of need, and extending further support for migrant workers in isolation. These latest initiatives follow a series of financial, connectivity and entertainment support StarHub had earlier rolled out for customers and the community.

“We recognise and appreciate the migrant worker community for their contributions to Singapore’s growth. During these challenging times, we empathise with the prolonged isolation and despair of the workers confined in dormitories and community facilities,” said Ms Veronica Lai, Chief Corporate Officer, StarHub. “We want to use what we do best – our connectivity, products and technology – to shrink the distance between the workers and their loved ones, and to enhance quality of health care and emotional support for them. We are delighted to work with likeminded partners from the government ministries and non-profit organisations (NPOs) to reach out and help alleviate the hardships.”

Answering the call from the Ministry of Health to support real-time patient health telemonitoring using wearable technology, StarHub has stepped up and committed to sponsor and deliver 500 smartphones. Paired with wearables, these 500 smartphones will enable healthcare teams to remotely monitor the vital signs of individuals admitted to Community Care Facilities. This will allow early detection of any early signs of clinical deterioration in patients and provision of timely medical intervention.

Words of encouragement go a long way to fortify the heart. To this end, StarHub is also sponsoring TV airtime across over 20 of its channels in support of “Love Translated”, an initiative launched today by BLKJ in collaboration with StarHub and six other brands. This heartwarming initiative encourages Singaporeans to send in their well wishes to the migrant workers via WhatsApp. These messages will be translated into five relevant native languages for the migrant workers, to brighten their day.

Over the Labour Day weekend, StarHub will gift a call to enable the migrant workers to speak with their loved ones back home. 10 minutes of IDD talktime will be credited free of charge to StarHub’s mobile prepaid users from India and Bangladesh, enabling them to call their loved ones, free from price worries, and to bring some smiles across the borders. In collaboration with government agencies, StarHub has also expedited WiFi network deployment at the community facilities as well as SIM card registration for migrant workers to speedily get connected.

To address mental wellness, StarHub collaborated with HealthServe to sponsor the broadcast of public health SMS notifications in seven languages of the migrant workers, encouraging them to stay tuned to the HealthServe COVID-19 website for official health guidelines and updates. StarHub is also working with other NPOs to facilitate swift and direct channelling of public donations towards mobile prepaid SIM card top-ups for the migrant worker community.

As a leading homegrown company, StarHub stands as one with Singapore. As part of its StarHub Cares initiative, around $1 million has been raised and channelled towards various initiatives to support the community to tide over the COVID-19 hardships.

StarHub continues to monitor COVID-19 developments and will further adjust its customer and community support measures. For more information, please view our past media releases below:

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