Singapore, 29 April 2020 – StarHub is delighted to be granted the opportunity by IMDA to build and operate a state-of-the-art 5G standalone network infrastructure, together with M1, leveraging 3.5GHz spectrum and delivering 5G services. This strategic co-operation will allow both companies to optimise infrastructure and spectrum costs.

As a leading wireless service provider for Singaporean consumers, enterprises and government clients, StarHub will encourage many application developers and 3rd parties to leverage the new, low latency, more secure, faster transmission 5G technology and develop new applications and use cases. StarHub believes 5G will play a pivotal and transformative role in supporting the digital needs of the society, accelerating Singapore’s digital economy and delivery of many essential services as well as creating new job opportunities. 

With its existing wireless network capabilities and expertise, and as the fastest 4G network according to the most recent IMDA IMconnected Report, StarHub will complement its existing wireless capabilities with new 5G technology. StarHub’s 5G services will be deployed via standalone architecture using the 3.5GHz spectrum, as well as non-standalone architecture using the 800 MHz of mmWave spectrum. This dual approach will fast track the rollout of services, so that both retail and enterprise customers can experience the benefits and innovative applications that 5G can enable with its high-speed, low-latency and secure campus networking capabilities.

“With 5G, customers will not only enjoy faster network speeds and new digital services such as Augmented Reality for entertainment, education and healthcare, but the industry will also have the opportunity to deliver the promised Internet-of-Things (IoT) allowing interconnection of many devices and appliances for a smarter society. 5G is not about a new wireless technology; it’s about a smarter, more innovative and interconnected society as a result of combining 5G, devices, applications, data analytics and artificial intelligence,” commented Peter Kaliaropoulos, Chief Executive, StarHub.

Today, StarHub is broadcasting ‘live’ 5G signals from its headquarters and it is also the first in Singapore to introduce 5G cellular-on-wheels vehicle to showcase the benefits of 5G island-wide. StarHub has been conducting trials and proof-of-concepts with its 5G ecosystem of technology, business, institutes of higher learning and public agency partners, to co-create innovative, highly relevant and sustainable 5G use cases across the six national strategic clusters.

StarHub is excited about the new services and opportunities to come and will announce more details about StarHub’s 5G services closer to commercial readiness. It is committed to making sound 5G investments to drive better customer experience and services innovations in the long run.