31 May 2021

A modern approach for enterprises to secure and connect their employees and partners
Powered by StarHub’s world-class connectivity services and Prisma® Access cloud-delivered security platform from Palo Alto Networks

Singapore, 31 May 2021 – StarHub today launched its Managed Secure Access Service Edge (Managed SASE) service in partnership with global cyber security leader Palo Alto Networks. StarHub Managed SASE offers enterprises in Singapore a modern cyber security and digital networking solution to address the challenges brought about by today’s increasingly distributed workforce. SASE, which was first coined by IT research and advisory firm Gartner just under two years ago, has been thrust into the spotlight as enterprises accelerate digital transformation in the post-pandemic world.

Combined with cloud-delivered security platform Prisma Access from Palo Alto Networks, StarHub Managed SASE helps enterprises to simplify and automate cyber threat protection and multi-site network management as they operate with and connect through various cloud environments. With this integrated offering fully managed by StarHub, enterprises can strengthen their security posture expeditiously while reducing networking complexities and costs.

“Adopting stronger cyber defences and more responsive networks does not need to be a complex operation. It is quite the opposite with StarHub Managed SASE,” said Charlie Chan, Chief, Enterprise Business Group, StarHub. “We recognise that due to the massive shift to remote work, enterprise security and IT teams are re-strategising and transforming their infrastructure to serve more people accessing corporate systems from wherever they are, often over unsecured connections. In response, we are challenging traditional hardware-based security and network designs in collaboration with Palo Alto Networks, to offer our enterprise customers significantly simpler and more flexible security, managed as a service. By moving to the cloud with StarHub, enterprises can deploy customisable security policies company-wide and scale network resources up or down according to bandwidth demands, all without the hassle of hardware ownership and managing multiple vendors.”

“Palo Alto Networks is thrilled to be partnering StarHub to provide enterprises with best-in-class security services. With Prisma Access, the industry’s most complete cloud-delivered security platform, StarHub's enterprise customers can benefit from a scalable way of enabling secure remote access for every user at any location. By consolidating networking and security capabilities into a single platform, StarHub Managed SASE simplifies the delivery of comprehensive and consistent cloud security for customers.” said Claribel Chai, country manager of Singapore, Palo Alto Networks.

Available for enterprise customers starting today, StarHub Managed SASE offers two key features to deliver intelligent cyber threat protection and digital multi-site network management, all through a single offering with one-stop 24x7 after-sales support by StarHub.

Cloud-delivered cyber threat protection

With StarHub Managed SASE, the enterprises’ workforce, regardless of location, is protected from intruders. Through an easy-to-use online portal, enterprises can fortify their network perimeter and achieve consistent threat prevention, web filtering, DNS security, and data protection policies across their entire infrastructure.

StarHub Managed SASE works by bringing advanced security defences, such as firewalls and malware threat protection, into the cloud. Transparent to users, this new distributed security approach enables all internet traffic to be scanned and threats to be detected right at the edge of their infrastructure where their workforce is, in real-time and over any wired or wireless connectivity.

Working from anywhere, their employees and partners retain the ability to access corporate applications and resources with the same ease and security as they would have back in the office, without sacrificing performance and productivity. There is no need for traffic to be routed back to corporate headquarters security systems via Virtual Private Networks, reducing the reliance on on-premise hardware and keeping capital expenditure in check.

Digital multi-site network management with SD-WAN

Given the distributed nature of work, enterprises are relying on fibre broadband, 5G and 4G more pervasively on top of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) access technologies, to connect their employees, business applications, branch offices and data centres.

As part of StarHub’s integrated approach, enterprises can aggregate a combination of wired and wireless data connectivity – both existing and new – by setting up a Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) with StarHub Managed SASE. Controlled by software, enterprises gain full visibility over the performance of their networks and can dynamically manage networking deployment and bandwidth to adapt to changing business needs, all without investing in expensive routing hardware.

With StarHub Managed SASE, enterprises would just need to deal with one service provider, for customisable network security and managed solutions that best fit their needs.

For more information about StarHub Managed SASE, please visit www.starhub.com/managedsase.